The Lost Photographs – the Bob Bonis Archive 1964-1966

When the Rolling Stones discovered America

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When they first toured America, from 1964 to 1966, both The Beatles and The Rolling Stones hired American Manager Bob Bonis to act as their tour manager.

Bob asked the Stones whether he could take pictures along the way, took his Leica M3 camera, and shot almost 4,000 pictures of the Rolling Stones and 1,000 of the Beatles living their first big overseas adventure.

These pictures remained unseen until very recently, when Bob Bonis’ family found the negatives in the attic…

The Bob Bonis Lost Photographs – one of the first fly-on-the-wall intimate follow-up of a rock band – cover a wide variety of situations and emotions, which will be themed across the different exhibition platforms.

From one picture to another we see young men discovering America, performing, provoking, meeting their idols, posing with attitude, and being phased or amazed with what happens around them.

It is a moment when the Stones, together with the Beatles, spark mass-success and hysteria across the US – a first for British bands.

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